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Home Knowledgebase Epson EPS-5043 • Epson Service Mode

***Always read the Epson printer user guide or contact Epson for tech support with any Epson product or software.***

There are special options used by Epson technicians that a user can also take advantage of in a time of need. Entering into the Service Mode is always something to be careful doing, only address setting you are sure you understand. Doing this can save you an expensive tech visit for something easy to handle.

Things to know and understand:
Each Wide format printer has its own way of entering into the Service mode, do some research online to find what is right for your printer model.

Example: Each printer differs so find the special button configuration that works for you model.

The Epson 4880 you hold down the "Pause" button when you power ON the printer.

The Epson 7900 and 9900 you hold down the "Menu button, Ok button and down arrow button" when you power ON the printer and when the printer display is ready and looks like you are set to print you now click the "Menu" button one time to enter into the "Self Testing" window and options.

Holding just the "Pause" button upon startup on the 7900/9900 takes you into the Maintenance Mode, which has some cleaning options along with other  settings.

You can see there is a lot more to your printer than you deal with each day and knowing at least some of these options may help prevent an expensive Epson tech service call when it could have been avoided.

Among the good feature is the SSCL (Super Strong Cleaning). You may do this if you have a severe clog that regular cleaning will not resolve and just before you call for a service tech to come and clean the printer. Tip, the tech is going to do this first.

Freehand is not responsible for anything you do to your printer in error. We are just informing you of these extra options available to you. Good luck.

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